The Arasimian Empire and the continent of Balmafula

Initiation and The Crusaders' Tomb

An introduction to the world, guilds, enemies, and gods.

You joined the guild called Hippogriffs for Hire and registered with the governing body in the capital city of Arasim. As is tradition, all recruits go on a D-rank mission together to form working relationships and hopefully establish a team to complete harder missions. You were sent to investigate cult sightings in the Crusaders’ Tomb, located between the Akaviiri Delta and the Forgotten Marshes. On your way you were attacked by dark elf slavers, which you defeated after a tough battle. You learned from their captain that they were abducting people in the region for experiments, and not wanting to incur the wrath of the dark elf race you let the captain go, disarmed and defeated. When you arrived at the tomb there were already zombies roaming the outer graveyard. After dispatching them quickly you soon found a secret entrance that lead deep into the tomb. There you found massive stone doors that should have been sealed shut for all time, but the seal was broken. After fighting your way through ghosts and skeletons, you found cultists, members of the Black Salamander dark guild in the room that was supposed to house a piece of The Staff of the Berserker. You quickly suprised and overwhelmed them before they had a chance to unleash their dark magic upon you. You then encountered Mystogan who explained that he was a trickster god that was mistaken as a god of wrath and accidentally started the tiefling crusade. He asked you to help him out but he told you that you would be helping him out either way as he can always find a way for people to help him out. He granted you his boon and disappeared. You then collected the reward money for your job and returned to your guild.



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